15 Years

It’s hard to believe that it was fifteen years ago this week that we moved into our house.

We had been renting in Mountain View, it was the height of the dot-com boom, and our landlord wanted to raise our rent by (note: “by” not “to”) $650 a month. He did us a big favor and made us get serious. Gilroy offered us a new house that was both nice and affordable.

The neighborhood has changed since 1997. Across the street from us two houses are still occupied by the families that bought them originally, though one has been split by divorce. A lot of the other homes have seen turnover. What was once in large part a Silicon Valley bedroom community is no longer that. There are more working class residents, and more multi-family or multi-generation homes, as has become common due to the economy and the housing market. Two doors down, the original buyer had moved back a while ago after being away for some time, running what amounts to a boarding house with a variety of unsavory characters, having sadly been forced into that predicament by her husband’s chronic alcoholism.

In general, though, it is still a good neighborhood and we like being here. While in an ideal world we would prefer to be up on the Peninsula around Mountain View or Palo Alto, the chances of that are not great. And we really do love our house. We have our landscaped back yard, we re-did our bathroom counters some time back, and of course there is our kitchen remodel of five years ago, which we still look at with appreciation and considerable enjoyment.

But 15 years, it really is hard to believe.

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