simplest can be best

We drink a lot of ice tea at our house, especially in the warmer months. For many years we always used one of those ubiquitous jars with a spigot. But we finally got tired of every one eventually leaking.

I looked around on Amazon and found one that looked good. Unfortunately it didn’t last, nor did its replacement. So we picked up a pitcher at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It also gave up on us after not very long.

Scratching our heads, Terry checked out practical, down-to-earth, plain-Jane Smart and Final. She bought two plastic but commercial grade pitchers.  It’s been a couple of years now and they’re still doing the job and doing it well.

Sometimes simplest is best.

One Comment on “simplest can be best”

  1. […] and Bed Bath & Beyond just weren’t up to the task, and how practical, down-to-earth Smart & Final provided a solution that worked. But with our two pitchers and the amount of tea we consume, I was […]

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