my point being

I thought that my blog was overdue for a name change. Csquared thoughts is a little silly, though it does make logical sense. Our Internet domain is and both of our car license plates have variations of csquared on them. Terry Cobb. Mike Christie. Csquared. But I’m not sure csquared thoughts means anything.

There’s a long-time columnist in the Gilroy Dispatch, Lisa Pampuch, who wrote a column called My Point Exactly. I always liked that title, and used it in a Facebook post I made yesterday. I noticed that Lisa hasn’t had a new column since April, so I thought I would, quite honestly, steal the title for my blog. Problem is that Lisa has a blog right here on WordPress by that very title.

Then there’s the book by Ellen DeGeneres called, My Point, and I Do Have One. I love that title and I thought about using it, but the book is still very much in print, and I’m not really up for receiving a cease and desist order from Ellen’s attorneys. Besides, I might want to attend a taping of her show some day.

So what’s left? Sometimes I tend to ramble, and I need to bring my commentary to a conclusion by saying, “My point being…” Ah, that works!

So welcome to my point being.

P.S. The blog name changes, but the URL remains the same. No need to disrupt things. But just to bring home the point of the new title, I’ve created this redirect:


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