civilization and the California freeways

Remember how the jungle boat ride at Disneyland used to end (and maybe still does)? “And now we come to the most dangerous part of our journey: civilization and the California freeways.”

When we were growing up that gave us a laugh the first time we heard it and still a chuckle the 50th time. (I probably haven’t been on the jungle boat fifty times, but you get the idea.) That phrase kept going through my mind when we were down in Southern California Father’s Day weekend. The traffic was horrendous. Saturday afternoon from Highway 101 to California 134 to I-210: mile after mile of 20 mile-per-hour traffic. We couldn’t believe it.

Actually we could. Depending on the route we take we experience something like that every trip. I just conveniently forget.

Depending on where you are in the Bay Area, traffic can be pretty bad, but to me Southern California traffic is more awful more of the time. I really do love seeing my family, but I’m glad we live in the Bay Area.

One Comment on “civilization and the California freeways”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    After living there for years and traveling those freeways, Dean has come to the conclusion that southern CA is uninhabitable.

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