Sacred Music Friday: Gather us in

Thanks to Fran this.

2 Comments on “Sacred Music Friday: Gather us in”

  1. LeeAnn Butters Davis says:

    Mike…. This was a hymn which truly brought me to the Christ I know who SAVED me from all of my sins. I was in a small Catholic mission church in southern Kentucky with a very dynamic priest who was
    truly a Man of God and this has always been a hymn which represented to me….my acceptance of Christ as my Savior and the point in my life when I accepted that BEAUTIFUL gift. That acceptance changed my life, Mike, and every decision I have ever made since that time, has truly ALTERED my life’s path.
    Thank you for bringing this beautiful hymn back to me and letting me hear it again.

  2. Tahoe Mom says:

    Wonderful rendition. Another one I used to dance to ~ and to interpret the diversity in our bodies brought the words even closer. And although I don’t know you, blessings, LeeAnn, on your journey.

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