on not having illusions

Turning once again to Susan Russell:

+George Barrett began the funeral sermon for +John Krumm with these words: “John Krumm was never disillusioned by the church because John Krumm never had any illusions about the church.” Arguably the most influential sermon I ever heard.

Something particularly relevant as the Episcopal Church begins its General Convention on Thursday, and nerves start to fray.

I was particularly troubled by the rising budget brouhaha. My thought was, “Do I really want to be part of an organization that behaves in this manner?” Of course all churches have their organizational politics. That’s true wherever you go.

Besides, I looked around and I saw that Susan Russell is still part of the Episcopal Church. So is my rector. And my spiritual director. Those are all people I respect. If I respect them, and they are staying, then why shouldn’t I stay?

Perhaps the trick is to be like John Krumm and never have any illusions about the church.

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