Communion and Worship

I wrote about my aggravation with the budget politics in advance of the Episcopal General Convention. In a moment of frustration I thought, “Well, I could attend a Presbyterian church.” Immediately it hit me.

I don’t want to attend a church where I cannot receive Communion every Sunday. After receiving Communion that first time at All Saints’ Palo Alto in 1997 my desire for what I need in worship changed forever. Communion is now central to my worship experience.

That of course limits my choices. They amount to Catholic, Lutheran, and Episcopal. I’m not going to become a Catholic, as I have written, despite many areas in which I respect the Catholic faith. I spent more than ten years in a Lutheran church, but all that time I still considered myself an Episcopalian. I never did think of myself as a Lutheran. And I like the rather doctrine-free structure of the Episcopal church in comparison to the Lutheran. Indeed, there’s much I love about the Episcopal Church.

So that is where I will go to kneel, open my hands, and receive the Bread and the Wine each Sunday.

2 Comments on “Communion and Worship”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Mike, you also have the option of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of which I have been a member for a life time. Of course I always called us plain vanilla Disciples and I think there is a lot of higher church liturgy you would miss if you found yourself attending a Disciple church. Communion every Sunday however is built into our fabric and souls.

    • MikeC says:

      Tahoe Mom,

      Thanks. I did not know that. I checked out the Disciples of Christ Web site, and there is not a church close by. But I would like to visit one day. Still, I think you’re right about the higher church liturgy I would miss. And as I mentioned I really am an Episcopalian. After all, I spent eleven years in a Lutheran church and still thought of myself as Episcopalian all that time.


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