One of our regular lunch locations is Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant. It is family owned and has been around since 1983. It looks to me as if the majority of people who eat there have some connection with the family that owns the place.

Our regular waitress is Carmen, one of the owners. She knows what we usually have and depending on her mood she may come over to our table or she may take our order from the “owners table,” where various family members sit as they come and go.

Carmen has a very cute and charming daughter who works at CVS, and who can often be found taking her lunch at the owner’s table. She can also be frequently found at the local gym.

Another person who can be found at the owners table is Donald (Elvis) Prieto, a member of the family who made an amazing comeback from a kidney transplant some years ago. On Tuesdays, though, Carmen has the day off and you’ll find him waiting tables. He’s also a well-known Elvis impersonator in South County.

We’re happy to be part of the extended family at Victoria’s.

2 Comments on “Victoria’s”

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