a very productive (and fun) Friday

Last Friday we went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival for the first time since our visit the year we moved here, 1997. We figured that it was time, and Terry wanted to see Donald “Elvis” of our local Victoria’s restaurant perform at noon. I didn’t have any particular expectations of the day, but it turned out to be a fun and productive time.

Don gave a great performance and there was quite a crowd at the stage, particularly given how early in the day the show was. His backup band, the Hound Dogs, were first-rate professionals. It was a lot of fun.

Wandering the vendor booths, I found a garlic-themed kitchen apron with more practical pockets than the one I’ve been using. Then I came across a belt pack to replace my old one, which I’ve had since before we moved into the house, if I recall correctly. The nice thing about it is that it holds the same amount of stuff but is much more compact.

We of course had to get lunch at Gourmet Alley. Terry had a garlic sausage and I had a marvelous pepper steak sandwich.

On our way out we saw a booth for a well-known local solar company. We’ve been thinking about solar for a long time, so we stopped by and ended up setting up an appointment with a sales rep.

All-in-all, a very productive and fun few hours.

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