remembering Grandma

My grandmother always loved shades of light purple, pink, and beige. Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which I knew very well growing up, displayed those colors, and when Grandma moved to an independent living community her condo reflected those colors as well.

When looking for a Christmas present for her one year at the Mountain View Art & Wine festival we saw a booth from a company called Shades of Gold which had glass and gold figurines that contained exactly those colors. We bought her one, and that became our tradition for a number of years.

When Grandma had to be moved to a single room in an assisted care facility, my sister-in-law gave Terry and me all those figurines. They stayed in the box for a few years until our kitchen remodel. (That remodel, by the way, courtesy of what she left us after we lost her.) One of the intents of the china cabinet we had built was to display those pieces, and they have had a place of honor there ever since.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Terry got the idea of taking one of those pieces and putting it on the centerpiece of our dining room table. Brilliant idea, and a great way to remember grandma as we have our dinner.

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