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Some time in the next week or so the owners of our local Thai restaurant will hand the keys to a new proprietor, who will turn it into an Asian restaurant of a different ethnicity.

Aside from losing a favorite lunch spot and the associated rapport with the friendly owners, I am embarrassed for Gilroy. Drive up to Silicon Valley any weekday at lunch time and you will find any number of Thai restaurants that are packed. Here, I was many times their only customer.

They tried. And not just the current owners. The restaurant was originally opened by a Thai couple. They found business too slow and the cost of living too high. They moved to Oregon, but not before training Michelle, a local Gilroyan, in the preparation of Thai food. Michelle stayed in the back and cooked, making Mam, a charming, sweet, personable young Thai woman the face of the franchise, so to speak. Ultimately Michelle could no longer afford them both, and Mam went on to work at other local restaurants while Michelle held down the fort. Ultimately Michelle decided to move on to other things and sold the place to a young Thai brother and sister.

Yes, they indeed tried. They tried their best. But they just couldn’t make it work. I’m sad about the loss and embarrassed for my community.

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