endings: 2

An era is ending at work.

The site where I have worked since the spring of 2000 is shutting down. I will officially be a teleworker. It won’t be completely closed until the end of October, but my floor is pretty much empty already. I moved out of my cube yesterday. Not that this will be a huge change. I’ve been pretty much a teleworker for a few years now. But what this means is that I won’t have my own space at all any longer, and that when I need to be in an office I’ll need to find a visitor cube at one of two sites. And that’s just a tad sad.

At the same time, my manager is taking early retirement and her last day is tomorrow. Now I’ve worked for a number of people over the years, but I’ve worked for my current manager for more than five years, and have been in the same organization and known her for much longer. I will miss her.

Change is inevitable. But it’s also entirely fair to have some grief at the ending of the old.

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