Roddy the Cement Mixer (or practicing patience)

If you’re around my age you may remember having Little Golden Books which your parents read to you. They were small books that were available at the five and dime in an amazingly large variety of titles. (Remember the five and dime?) Each one contained a single story. If you’re closer to my parents’ age, you probably remember reading them to your children.

One of my favorites was “Roddy the Cement Mixer.” It was about a little girl who wanted a pool in her back yard and the anthropomorphic cement mixer truck that helped make it happen. Roddy’s task was the very last and she had to wait for all other kinds of things to happen. Her father had to dig the hole for the pool. (Which the picture showed him doing so with a hand shovel: something that seems rather odd in retrospect.) Then he had to put in the steel reinforcement bars, and various other things had to happen. The girl was impatient and tied a ribbon onto Roddy’s bumper so he wouldn’t forget.

Finally the time for Roddy to show up arrived and the girl got her pool.

It reminds me how I feel about going solar with our electricity. A lot of things have to happen before the solar panels are installed and the electric meter swapped out. The design has to be done, a permit needs to be obtained and so on. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about anyone not remembering. I get weekly phone calls from a woman named Felicia who keeps me updated on the progress.

It’s still hard to be patient, but it helps to remember that little Golden Book and know that I’ll be hearing from Felicia soon.

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