on leaving

I wrote last Thursday about how my manager was taking early retirement, and how the site at which I was working was closing and I was becoming an official teleworker.

Friday was my manager’s last day. On Wednesday of last week I left my cubicle for the last time. It was a sad day.

I packed up the few things that were left in my cube and went to the cafeteria for lunch one last time. The cafeteria was quiet, as more and more people have moved to other sites. The staff was familiar though. Sodexo has done a good job of retaining employees and the two people at the cash registers, Jorge and Iris, have been there since I moved to the site in the spring of 2000. I went through Iris’ line, at the station that was once staffed by the late, gregarious, beloved Betty.

I ate outside, looking out at the volleyball courts. Those courts were well-used by some very serious volleyball players who regularly took extended lunch hours to play no-nonsense games. One the most intense and serious players was a slim, fit woman with long brunette hair. She held her own well with the men. Wednesday those courts were empty.

I had my annual physical on Wednesday afternoon, so after lunch I took everything downstairs to my car and packed my laptop into my briefcase. I pulled my nameplate off the fabric wall, turned and took a long look at the empty cubicle, and then left the building for the final time.

On to the next chapter as a permanent teleworker working for my new manager.

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