do we need a new television?

There was a news article some months back that talked about the sales of high-definition digital televisions. It said that sales were flat in the previous year and consisted mostly of people replacing their existing digital TVs with the latest model.

I got a chuckle from that, because we’re not even on our first high-def digital television. We still have two old-fashioned analog TV’s in the house that work perfectly fine.

Well, mostly. For a few years now I’ve noticed that on our local PBS station the left and right side of the picture has been getting cut off. I’m seeing that more and more frequently now on other channels as well. A recent San Francisco Giants game was on Fox, and the entire left half of the score box in the upper left of the screen was cut off.

So it’s probably time to upgrade. But not right away. We’re getting solar and I just had an unplanned computer replacement. Maybe after we get our tax refund next year.

We can manage well enough until then.

3 Comments on “do we need a new television?”

  1. Beth says:

    Mike, I don’t have a flat screen television either. I have three televisions in my house – all are analog and none are over 24 inches either. So, like you I also have the edges cut off of on some of the television shows I watch. This weekend my son was visiting and he commented that he needed to get me a new TV – that he couldn’t even read the writing. Actually, I’d rather have a new floor put in my downstairs bathroom. That seems more important at this time. So, for now I can exist just fine with my old fashioned televisions. Guess it’s all what we look at as priorities.

  2. We already had a digital set, but that was a fluke in and of itself. Technology is great, but it can make us consumer slaves. In fact, isn’t that the American way?

  3. […] wrote a while back about how we still had an old analog television, and that while many people were on their second-generation digital television, Terry and I had no […]

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