one tomato?

Terry does a marvelous job in the garden. We have spinach, green onions, peppers, and herbs. Tomatoes, though, have been a struggle.

We have had good tomato years, but that has not been the case recently. Here it is late September and we have had one tomato from a garden that includes two tomato plants. It never turned from green to red. Last year was much the same. Though I think we may have had two tomatoes, neither of which turned red.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but I miss my homegrown tomatoes.

2 Comments on “one tomato?”

  1. That one tomato finally did turn red. All spring and summer. Two plants. One tomato. sigh

  2. Alison Morgan says:

    I’ve given up on “big” tomatoes. Not a decent one this year, but both plants NOW have green little ones. Too late, so they’ll get harvested green most likely and used that way, or stored til ripe. The winners last couple years for “real” toms, as opposed to cherry-types, are the smallish (ping pong ball sized) heirloom Stupice, which we get at OSH. Try it next year, with Sun Sugar, an orange cherry tomato as our best tasty producer every year we’ve done them.

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