cause and effect (or not)

After both the Giants and the Athletics made it into the playoffs, people immediately started talking about the possibility of a repeat of the 1989 Bay Bridge World Series. (Never mind that they’re both 0-2 at this point in their respective division series.) My immediate thought was that would not be a good idea at all. After all, the Loma Prieta earthquake happened just as the first game of that series to be played at Candlestick Park was about to begin. As if there was a relationship.

But my mind does work like that sometimes.

Our adventure into solar began when we saw a booth at the Gilroy Garlic festival for the solar company that one of the Giants broadcasters endorses. We stopped and talked and set things in motion to move ahead. The Giants lost that day. My thought: “Maybe we shouldn’t have done that.”

In the middle of our Alaska cruise we learned of Buster Posey’s season-ending collision at home plate. I thought, “Maybe we shouldn’t have taken this cruise.” As if that had any effect.

But it’s not just limited to baseball. Several years ago I doing a few quick things on the laptop using the side table in the bedroom. Right then the wireless router went out, and I had to go  buy a new one. (This was before your Internet provider supplied routers.) My reaction was that I shouldn’t work on the laptop at the side table.

Of course I’m perfectly well aware that there is no cause and effect in any of these situations. But I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has thoughts like this.

Am I?

3 Comments on “cause and effect (or not)”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I absolutely do that! Has nothing to do with knowledge or anything rational. A rather weird example: I would not take a Benadryl at night for years because the night I took one for my cold, I was really sleeping soundly when Rex died. So – obvious, right? Take Benadryl at night something bad happens. Silly people, and we do react that way.

  2. Tahoe Mom,

    After our wild hail storm this afternoon we had hot chocolate and used up the last two packets. Terry went to the store saying she was going to get more hot chocolate because she was sure it was going to be a cold, wet winter. My immediate thought was that if she buys hot chocolate today we won’t have a cold, wet winter.

    Our minds do work that way, don’t they?

  3. Linda Taylor says:

    Deep inside us all–or perhaps not so very deep!–there’s a worried 4 year old who really doesn’t want to break our mother’s back.

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