that’s not nice

Terry and I discovered a local bakery called Sumano’s. It’s just on the other side of the coastal range Santa Cruz Mountains (hills to most Californians) in Watsonville. I went to our regional grocery chain, Nob Hill, to buy a loaf to take with us to Ragged Point. I didn’t see that brand, but I saw a another brand with the label micro bakery. I turned the package over to see where it came from, and what did I find?

Sara Lee.

That’s not nice. But not unusual. Remember Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers? (“Thank you for your support.”) How many people who wouldn’t have otherwise bought a wine cooler went to the grocery store with the thought, “I think I’ll help those two old guys out.” The two old guys were actors, and Bartles and James was a Gallo product.

I went to Safeway and bought a loaf of Sumano’s Garlic & Rosemary bread.

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