measuring time

I measure time by the milestones in my life. When someone mentions a year or when I hear it in an NPR story or see it in a book or magazine I reference where I was in my life.

The year that:

  • I graduated from high school
  • I graduated from college
  • I moved to Laredo, TX
  • I moved to Oklahoma City
  • I moved to the SF Bay Area
  • My first wife died
  • Terry and I got together
  • Terry and I got married
  • Terry and I bought our house in Gilroy

and then

  • 2001 – you know what that’s about

Years that I see referenced I calibrate to the nearest year in the list above. What I’m wondering is whether others do that as well.

One Comment on “measuring time”

  1. The year I was in Philadelphia; the LC years; the NU years; the military years; the year my dad died; the divorce years; the wild times. Those are mine, and I do indeed fit stories and references into those categories. You aren’t alone in the idea, just in the organization.

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