reduced lunch options

I wrote a while back about the closing of our local Thai restaurant. We’ve now lost two more local lunch spots.

Our Fresh Choice closed a couple of weeks ago. The signs in the window said it was only temporary and due to needed repairs, but an article in the local paper quoted a company spokesperson as saying it was related to a bankruptcy filing and was permanent. Indeed, in checking the Fresh Choice Web site, no location for Gilroy is to be found. If you’re not familiar with it, Fresh Choice is a salad bar restaurant that also offers soup, pasta, baked potato, pizza slices, and such, along with dessert. It made for a good, healthy lunch.

The other place that has disappeared is Juicy Burger. Now admittedly, that was not on the top of our list of lunch choices. And business was slow enough that they cut corners in places. After being closed for a while, they reopened as Super Juicy Burger and added a lot of menu items, like a Philly sandwich, for example. But they didn’t serve the Philly on a proper sourdough roll. Once I got it on a hot dog bun and once on a hamburger bun. Please! But for a plain old hamburger they were not bad at all. It was quality meat cooked to order with all the veggies and condiments out to put on as you preferred. Not necessarily the most healthy and nutritious, perhaps, but a great alternative to McDonald’s or Burger King if you had a few minutes to wait for your order.

These closings are not a major catastrophe by any stretch of the imagination, but they do scale back our lunch time options.

3 Comments on “reduced lunch options”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I don’t like hearing about the closing of Any Fresh Choice. It is one of our favorite places to lunch on the road – or for dinner with the family in San Jose.

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