Something tells me that this Baby Blues cartoon must be based on an actual incident. I don’t doubt that this could well be the case. I rarely use cursive any longer. When I create a grocery or errand list I print. I rarely have the occasion to write a personal note anymore, and when I do I normally create a card on the computer which I then sign by hand. About the only time I use cursive is to sign my name or write a check. And I don’t write many checks anymore, using debit or credit cards when I am out and about and online bill pay for almost all of my various bills. I of course use a credit card when ordering merchandise from Amazon and good old PayPal when ordering from eBay.

In fact, when I do write a check, except for my signature, it often comes out as an odd combination of cursive and printing. As I think about it, in fact, I think I don’t even want to go there. My checks can look fairly ugly these days.


One Comment on “cursive”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I have had the experience. I wrote a weekly handwritten, cursive letter to my freshman in college grandson all last year. As he started his sophomore year, his mom told me that the letters were causing him more stress than pleasure because he really couldn’t read cursive, having been brought up on computers, texts, emails, etc. *sigh* Back to the computer. At least this way I can include a picture or two. Yep – I feel old.

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