Tasha: seven years

Today is the day that I ask your indulgence for my annual appreciation of our family member Tasha. It was seven years ago today, All Saints’ Day, that we brought Tasha home from the shelter.

Terry and I were talking about how Tasha knows we are two different people and how she treats us differently.

  • Tasha will play tug-of-war with me with her rawhide chews, but not with Terry.
  • She knows that I am good for neck scritches and Terry for belly rubs. She acts accordingly.
  • She knows that being toweled off after being out in the rain is a perfunctory act with me, but fun and games with Terry.
  • When I go downstairs to get her breakfast she stays upstairs until I come back up, expressing to me a royal, “I will come downstairs when my breakfast is served” attitude. When Terry does Tasha goes downstairs with her.
  • When Terry walks her she knows she can make a beeline for her friend Marge’s house in the development behind us. With me she knows I usually have work to get back to and don’t take well to such distractions.

She’s a smart dog, and we love her.

2 Comments on “Tasha: seven years”

  1. I love Tasha posts. 🙂

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