Solar: day 6

Like little kinds with a new toy, we’ve been constantly monitoring our solar power production. Wednesday was cloudy and gray, and Thursday the same, but with rain as well. Nonetheless, we had a decent amount of production those days. It’s obviously been a lot greater in the days since, with clear skies and bright sun. We’ve been feeding substantial amounts of power back into the grid, which is marvelous.

It’s interesting to note my reaction on Friday seeing the meter run in reverse. Rather than feeling that I can be profligate in our use of electricity, I am rather motivated to conserve so as to send as much back to the grid as possible.

I do worry that our having solar will cause us to have a dry winter, but showers are predicted for later in the week, so perhaps that’s not the case. Besides, that’s not the way Mike’s Rules of Causality work. By that system, installing solar would mean we’re in for a wet winter. But then again, city crews did a massive clearing of brush from the drainage ditch next to the park across the street the past couple of weeks. That would indicate a dry winter.

Terry tells me, however, that the sand cranes left the Central Valley early this year, and that generally indicates a wet winter. When in doubt, I say go with the sand cranes.

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