a change of seasonings

When we did our kitchen remodel we had a spice rack built. We bought a bunch of empty spice jars and started buying spices in bulk from the good folks at Penzey’s. Having the spice rack has worked out really well, and I love it.

Managing the bulk spices has been more of a challenge. I initially bought a pair of metal dividers and put the bags of spices on those. But that ended up being something of a mess. I had trouble finding what I needed, even though I was labeling the ends of the bags with a sharpie.

I eventually gave up on the dividers and put them in the garage, planning to give them to Hope Services, a non-profit like Goodwill that picks up used items.

I put everything directly on the shelf, trying to keep the bags somewhat organized, with not the greatest of results. It probably wasn’t worse, but it certainly wasn’t any better.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t give those dividers to Hope. I was looking at the jumble one day and I had a thought. What if I labeled the spices more clearly with file folder labels, alphabetized them, and didn’t try to cram everything in there, but put the less frequently used spices up on the next shelf?

That’s what I did a week ago Sunday. I like the result. I think this is going to work.

One Comment on “a change of seasonings”

  1. We’ve become huge fans of Penzeys. And we love the idea of the custom spice rack!

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