thanks, Amazon

I spend a fair amount of money with Amazon. I hate returning stuff, but sometimes I have to. I ordered a battery for one of our cordless phone units, and it was the wrong size. I went online to return it, and they said, “We’ll refund your money. No need to return the battery.” That was nice.

More recently I ordered a 1.5 Terabyte external drive for my PC backups to replace the existing 640 GB pocket drive (since the new computer I bought in August has a 1 TB hard drive). Problem was that when I plugged it in my PC gave me a “failed to start error.” I packed it up and returned it. The surprising thing was that they didn’t wait to get the unit before they initiated the refund. I had an email that it was in process within a couple of hours of the UPS pickup scan.

Now I’m very much tied to Amazon. I had a first generation Kindle, a second generation Kindle, the Kindle app on my short-lived HP TouchPad, and have the Kindle app on my current iPad 2, which gets opened and used almost every day.

If Amazon thinks that processing a refund so quickly is going to reinforce customer loyalty, well, they’re right.

Thank you, Amazon. There are lots of Kindle books I still have lined up to buy.

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