returning of the light

Both Tahoe Mom and I have been known to reflect on how it is no coincidence that Christmas comes four days after the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. We celebrate the coming of the Light just as the light is starting to return. I love that image, and it is a central part of my observance of Christmas every year.

This year that spiritual dimension is coupled with a very practical dimension. Since we had our solar energy system installed we rely on the light of the sun to help us reduce our dependence on the power company for electricity, and, I hope, make our small contribution to the environment. I am happy, therefore, to report that on the Solstice, which was also in large part a wet, rainy day, we produced a respectable amount of energy. We can now expect to see increased energy production as the days get longer. That’s not to say that our smallest energy production would be on the Solstice. Sunday was so dark, wet, and rainy that we actually generated far more power on the Solstice. But on whole, we look forward to increased production.

Form a spiritual perspective and from a practical perspective, those are both good things.

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