what cooking should be

I’ve said that while I like to catch a few minutes of Rachael Ray’s syndicated daily television show in the morning while I’m getting my hot tea, I don’t want that fact widely known. No do I want it known, by the way, that I subscribe to the magazine Every Day with Rachael Ray on my iPad.

In any case, I was catching part of her show over the Christmas break, and she had Trisha Yearwood on. In addition to her music career, she has written a cookbook and has a show on Food Network. She was making one of her dishes and said that she was not big on measuring. Rachael picked right up on that and said:

Who measures? It’s a drag to measure. Measure when you bake. Cooking’s about having fun.

I like that. That’s how I cook.

In that context, I should update you on my project. I’ve completed adding all of my Cooking Light stack3recipes using the Web versions (that’s the now non-existent stack on the right) to my Living Cookbook database, and am now ready to start the far more tedious process of scanning and adding the recipes from Clean Eating and other sources (that’s the stack on the left). But it will be fun. And even more fun to be in the kitchen making the recipes.

Here’s to having fun cooking in 2013!

2 Comments on “what cooking should be”

  1. Kristy says:

    I will admit, I’m a subscriber too! On my list of things to get to at some point is a project like yours with all the recipes I’ve collected. Haven’t figured out how to attack it quite yet.

  2. […] don’t usually cook with beef, but we wanted to try the Trisha Yearwood pot roast we saw on Rachael Ray over the holidays. We tried it a week ago Sunday and it was marvelous. Of course we had leftovers. […]

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