a Star Trek world

I see the depressing state of our world and the sometimes outright craziness of American society (look at some of the reactions to Sandy Hook: armed guards and armed teachers in the schools?) and I wonder, why can’t we make progress? Why do we take two steps forward and one step back so often? Why can’t we have a Star Trek society?

Star Trek had a positive vision of the future. This is most clearly embodied in Star Trek: The Next Generation where the message was that war, crime, hunger, poverty, and discrimination had been utopia2eliminated on earth. (Admittedly not so much so in the most recent and upcoming “prequel classic” Star Trek movies.) Yes, it is science fiction. But it is a modern myth, and we have our myths for a reason. They can tell us about who we want to be as a people. And that vision is utopian, it’s true. But what’s wrong with that, really? As Fr. Phil has said, would you rather have a dystopian vision of the future?

It seems hopeless at times, but I believe we need to maintain that vision and continue the fight for a Star Trek world, for a better world.

Let those who have a dream, dream,
Together we could work to build a better world.
Hand-in-hand with our companions who share our love for living,
And give more than we are given,
Let us give more than we are given.

A Better World, The Limeliters, David Reuter, Reuter’s Music BMI

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