small things

Sometimes it’s the small wins that give real satisfaction.

When I upgraded my old computer to Windows 7 and upgraded my printer software as well, it forgot how to automatically print double-sided. So I rolled back to the older version of the software. But when that computer unceremoniously died on me last August, my new one was still Windows 7, but 64-bit rather than 32, which most new PC’s are these days. So I installed the 64-bit printer software, and it once again forgot that it could print duplex.

Terry last week replaced her heavily used work printer/fax/scanner which was on its last legs with a new one that prints double-sided. That triggered the thought that I could probably get mine to behave properly by changing a couple of settings somewhere. I went online and looked for instructions, which I quickly found.

It was indeed just a couple of simple, though not necessarily easily found settings. In no time I had my printer once again printing duplex automatically.

It’s a small thing that gave me a disproportional sense of satisfaction.

That’s not so bad.

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