to stay or go?

I am troubled by some of the struggles within the Episcopal Church. Those struggles are made manifest in the secession of the Diocese of South Carolina from the national church, something that is not permitted by the legal structure of the Anglican Communion and the The Episcopal Church in the United States.

I look at those struggles and ask myself whether I really want to be part of a church embroiled in such legal battles. It takes me about two seconds to answer, “Yes I do. Absolutely.”

Why did the diocese secede? In large part over opposition to practices in which I believe: same-sex blessings and gay bishops, for example. I have written about how pleased I was with many of the decisions made by last year’s General Convention. The church is doing a great job in matters of inclusiveness and social justice.

It’s not perfect. No human institution is. But it’s a place where I am happy to be and of which I am honored to be a part.

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