symbols of childhood

I’ve noticed that my childhood memories are often triggered in the grocery store.

When I went shopping to make Trisha Yearwood’s Chicken Baked in Cornflake Crumbs I needed to pick up buttermilk and, obviously, corn flakes. In the dairy section the store had house brand buttermilk and Knudsen. Now, Knudsen, there’s a name from my childhood. We had our local dairies, and milkmen who delivered directly to our homes (a topic for another blog entry), but when you went to the store the milk brand was very often Knudsen. The company is but a shadow of its former self, but they’re still around selling select products like buttermilk and cottage cheese. The Knudsen buttermilk was a bit more expensive, but I had to pick up it up for the sake of the memories.

Then there’s Kellogg’s, such a big part of my generation’s childhood breakfasts. On the cereal aisle, there was again house brand corn flakes and then Kellogg’s. The Kellogg’s was more expensive, but it was a smaller box. That made sense since we don’t normally eat corn flakes, so there was no point in buying a larger box.

After all, when creating a comfort food dish like cornflake and buttermilk chicken there’s every reason to buy brands that are symbols of childhood.

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One Comment on “symbols of childhood”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Bordens Dairy delivered to our house bringing everything from milk and cream to cottage cheese and ice cream – yogurt I guess but we never had that. Nice memories.

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