making it work

Fast Dragon, our local Chinese fast food place, was closed for several days. When they reopened the hot table was cold and empty, and the made-to-order specials (Thai Basil Chicken, Curry Chicken) that Terry and I enjoyed so much were gone. Instead, up on the board were two kinds of offerings, bowls and plates, with pretty much the same choices: chicken, BBQ beef, and ribs. The bowls list also had a veggie offering.

I suppose they weren’t making it and revamped things in an attempt to make the place economically viable. Perhaps they even hired a consultant.

I don’t know if it will work. They were fairly busy when I was in there, pretty much everyone a regular, and most everyone somewhat surprised and baffled. Some of us were also disappointed. I tried the beef-chicken combo and I was not impressed. There was not a lot of flavor, overall the dish was dry, and the salad was warm from being in the same Styrofoam container as the meat and rice.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen this. We had a local vegetarian restaurant that was pretty good. They never advertised themselves as vegetarian, which I didn’t get. I did enjoy their sandwiches, however. One time I went in there and they had updated the menu. All of the sandwiches were gone. The owner said however she modeled it in her number crunching she couldn’t make things come out in the black with sandwiches. They sold the place shortly thereafter, and it became a successful deli-style café.

I hope that the folks at Fast Dragon fare better. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to help them, though, with their menu as it exists currently.

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