I’ve written about how much I like having my broad selection of spices for cooking. We really love our built-in spice rack. It holds forty jars of spices, and we have our overflow as well (thanks in part to the samples we get from the good folks at Penzeys with nearly every order we place). What I’ve noticed, though, is that for the most part I use only a small portion of spicerackthose spices. On a regular basis I use perhaps twenty percent of what we have.

I once asked the Yahoo! vegetarian group (which I no longer actively follow) if others had a similar experience. As I recall, the list owner, who is really a lovely person but who can be impatient at times, answered with a response only slightly more polite than, “Of course not, you dumb ass!”

But there was another member whose experience was similar to mine. She wrote that she believed keeping a more photo (6)complete spice collection will encourage her to try new recipes with new flavors. I like that approach, though I haven’t been good about following it. I expect that to be different this year, however. As I wrote, my goal is for more variety in my cooking. And I am off to a good start on that. I just need to keep it going.

So here’s to having a broad spice selection.

One Comment on “spices”

  1. We had a tragic loss this year: the powered spice rack I bought at The Price Club when Bob and I split finally died — gear issue. Not even 25 years old. I loved it because it hung from the bottom of a shelf above the rest of the spices (which get randomized); I could put 16 of the most common spices in it in alphabetical order, secured by a clever thingy which held the cap just tightly enough to hang, but not hard to remove or replace; the two D cells lasted for years between replacements; I loved being able to zip the bottles around the little conveyor to the front. I’m threatening to demolish the kitchen and do a “found materials” remodel, as I’ve been living with this awful kitchen for 11 years — the spices will go into a shallow drawer so they can be face up, but it won’t be the same…

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