doing the needful

I’ve worked with colleagues in and from India for many years now. I have gotten used to their speech patterns. Since English is not their native language, many phrases to not conform to standard American English usage. One phrase I hear periodically is one colleague telling another, or a manager telling a team member to “do the needful.” That’s what I’m doing this week.

I’m not big on business travel, and I avoid it whenever possible. But I am the product manager for my project, and if my project is being shown at a trade show it’s really good for the product manager to be there. Hence my trip to Las Vegas this week for a partner conference. And anyway, it will be good to have a break in the routine and meet some of my colleagues in person.

Thanks to the miracle of modern blog technology, this blog will continue on its regular schedule while I am away. And I’ve got a number of thoughts for blogs in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime: Las Vegas in Lent. That’s an interesting concept.

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