corporate video star, that’s what I are (not)

When I was at the conference in Las Vegas last week we had arranged to shoot a short video with a corporate partner who uses our technology. Our marketing guy was to ask me a couple of introductory questions, we’d go to the partner for the bulk of the video, and then back to me for a couple of concluding questions. I thought we’d just meet the video crew somewhere, we’d shoot the video in ten minutes, and then we’d be done. I was wrong.

We were told the recording would be at the portable studio on the show floor. When I got there I discovered this was really a production. It started with makeup. Yes, makeup. I went into the makeup booth and they spent several minutes putting makeup on my face. They gave me some hair gel, and trimmed my nose and ear hair. Then, sitting on our director’s chair-like stools the technicians gave us lapel mics and we did a sound test.

We started the shoot and it went smoothly. I thought it went well, but the crew asked us to do it a second time, because of some sound problems and to make sure we had sufficient good footage. Then the partner and I were excused and they asked our marketing guy to stay and ask the questions one more time looking at empty chairs.

I have to say, that was a new experience — something I haven’t done before. My counterpart on the engineering side asked me if I was still going to talk to the “little people” when I made it big. I told him I wasn’t going to quit my day job until I’d seen the edited video.

And probably not even then, I would expect.

One Comment on “corporate video star, that’s what I are (not)”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Heheheheheh – welcome to the business! Daughter did a short film when she
    was in the 3rd grade and one scene of 1 1/2 minutes took an entire afternoon
    to film. Remember my blog re: needing a director. Those 45 seconds took
    three or four takes two different afternoons to get it just right and even
    then I wasn’t sure. It’s interesting and intense work.

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