the way I feel

I got a couple of renewal notices in the past couple of weeks that made me think how different my emotional state is than a year ago.

First, I got my renewal notice for tricycle, the journal of Buddhist thought. Then I got a renewal notice for my Calm Radio subscription.

It was just over a year ago that I bought my Internet radio. That has turned out to be a very useful and practical purchase. I use it every day. When I was setting it up I noticed that the service that provides the audio stream for my model listed something called Calm Radio. It was just a sample stream, but had channels for symphony, solo guitar, solo piano, etc. It also had channels for choral and Gregorian Chant. At the time I was seriously stressed at work and looking for anything to sooth my nerves. So I shelled out sixty bucks (Canadian) for a year’s subscription.

The same with tricycle. I thought some Buddhist philosophy would help my stress.

When tricycle came up for renewal, I realized that I hadn’t been reading my online issues, and that I wasn’t nearly as stressed as I was a year ago. I cancelled the automatic renewal. Same thing with Calm Radio. I noticed that I hadn’t been listening to the Calm Radio stations, and it didn’t make sense to spend $60 (CDN) for another year. I cancelled that too. Listening to our Bay Area classical station, KDFC, is more than sufficient.

Saving money and less stress. Good things.

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