Google, you can be so annoying

Like most people I rely heavily on Google, both for the search capability and for various other tools. And like many people, I am annoyed at the churn in their products, at how some are renamed and modified and how others are discontinued in a seemingly arbitrary manner.

Last week, though, Google made an announcement that affected many of us in our day-to-day device use.

Getting the most publicity was the end of Google Reader, the news feed aggregator. Now I rarely use Google Reader directly, but both the news feed tool I use on my PC and the one I use on my iPad and iPhone rely on Google Reader to do their job. This is where I read all of the blogs I follow.

The developer of the PC application is developing one last version before he retires the product. The developer of the iOS app is scrambling for a solution before Google Reader disappears.

Then, later in the week, I had an email from my ISP saying that the spam tool they offer, which was bought by Google some years ago, is also being discontinued. So of course my ISP is scrambling to find a replacement. In this case it’s frustrating because this was an independent product that Google bought and and now is killing.

Google, sometimes you can be so annoying.

One Comment on “Google, you can be so annoying”

  1. […] wrote a while back about how I was quite annoyed that Google was discontinuing two tools I’ve used regularly, Google Reader for news feeds and Postini for spam […]

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