my point being is now ad-free

As the owner of the blog My Point Being, my view of the site is not quite the same as that of my very much appreciated readers. It was only recently, then, that I realized ads were starting to show up on my blog posts. If you read the blog from the home page there is no issue. But if you read the individual blog entries you’re likely to see an ad. At first I thought that it was only when you were viewing my blog from a mobile device, but I recently realized that it happens on a PC as well. And it’s not like it’s small, unobtrusive ads. They are large, intrusive, video ads.

Now I can hardly blame the good folks at WordPress for this. I have been very happy with my blogging environment since I moved my blog here in September 2011. And in all that time I have not paid WordPress a single cent. They have to pay their bills somehow, and obviously ads is one way to do that.

At the same time I want you, good reader, to have a comfortable, pleasant environment in which to read My Point Being. And to me that means a place that is free from ads. So I have chosen to upgrade my account and pay WordPress an annual fee to make My Point Being a blog without ads.

The nice thing is that as part of the deal I get my own domain for this blog. That means that you can get here by entering

And as long as I’m in a mode of shameless self-promotion, remember that you can follow me on Twitter via @MikeChristie220. I tweet whenever I publish a new blog entry.

I do hope you’ll continue to hang out here with me.

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