appreciating our family-owned market

The publication of my most recent blog entry about Rocca’s Market coincided, in a surprising synchronistic manner, with my business card being pulled out of the jar as the winner of their weekly drawing, which they announce on their Facebook page. Since I had posted that blog entry to their Facebook page they were concerned that my winning might make the drawing look rigged. Dan the sausage guy and Dan Rocca, co-owner, conferred and agreed that they would let my selection stand, but also select another winner.

Terry and I appreciated that decision. We ended up with some Bavarian Cheese sausage, hot links, and a lovely bottle of Chardonnay. The Chardonnay complimented our Saturday dinner, the sausages were grilled and put on sourdough bread on Sunday, and the hot links were added to our spaghetti on Monday. Marvelous, and thank you!

We loved being the winner of the drawing and got a kick out of our picture showing up on their Facebook page. First and foremost, though, we simply enjoy shopping at a local, family owned market with a full-service meat counter. On Friday Terry made a Rocca’s run and got us marinated tri tip (which we grilled on the barbecue — excellent!) and baked beans. She also picked up fresh halibut for Saturday, to which I added polenta.

How we managed to be in Gilroy for sixteen years without knowing what was really inside that modest building I have no clue. But we’re regular customers now. Why mess with pre-packaged meats in the supermarket when there’s a full-service meat (and seafood!) counter just up the road?


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