I haven’t vented here for a while. Please indulge me.

Vent # 1

I went through a long phase where I wasn’t taking care of my teeth and gums. This resulted in a lot of periodontal work and oral surgery. And pain. It took me a while to come up with a routine to properly maintain my periodontal health. I finally did. It involved flossing in the evening and using a proxa brush in the morning. The handle-refill proxa brush system was first available in local drug stores. Later it wasn’t, but I could still get the refills from Then the company was bought by a multinational and I had to order direct. Now they have discontinued the system that has helped maintain my periodontal health these many years. I’m scrambling to seek a replacement. Results so far have not been great.

Vent # 2

Facebook updated their iOS app last week. It’s marvelous on my iPad. It’s a huge pain in the rear on my iPhone. I’ve reverted to accessing Facebook from Safari on that device. As everyone who has ever had a Facebook account knows, they are incapable of leaving well enough alone.

Vent #3

This is a recycled vent, but as long as I’m venting anyway: I’m really tired of all the competition and reality shows on the Food Network. I want to watch cooking shows. When we had DirecTV I could switch to the Cooking Channel, but we moved from DirecTV to cable a little over two years ago to improve our Internet speed. And I can’t find anywhere where I can stream complete Cooking Channel programs.

Those are Mike’s vents. That and $3.45 will get you a personal grande decaf cappuccino, dry.

We return to our normally scheduled non-venting blog tomorrow.

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2 Comments on “venting”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    😀 Vents are good. Hmmmm – I do think I recognize your sign off, at least it sounds familiar ~ 😀

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