sourdough (and a slightly sad local note)

I’ve been making sourdough bread for a number of years now. Terry got some vintage starter several years ago from a long-time professional colleague.

I don’t make sourdough bread often, but do from time-to-time. I’ve always known that one needs to let the starter you are going to put into the bread sit out for a while in order to “punch it up.” Due to poor planning (or laziness) on my part I’ve never let it sit for more than an hour. I’ve thought my sourdough bread was good but not great.

Before Terry and I left for the Wildflower 5K a few weeks ago I had the foresight to take out the starter I needed. This meant that the starter sat out for a few hours before I started to work on the bread. The result was the sourdoughiest sourdough I’ve ever made.

So now I know.

On another note, Terry and I noticed last week that our local Chinese fast food place seems to have closed. Their change from hot table food with specials to only bowls and plates was obviously not successful. The fact that they removed the specials for a while after the change likely didn’t help. Unfortunate.

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