thinking about what I’m saying

Terry and I lead busy lives, but we do have a lot of discretionary time. I allocate a good amount of time to writing this blog, as well as to reading books, magazines, and other blogs on my iPad. And yes, I must admit, I spend more time than I should on Facebook. By the end of the weekend there are often some things that don’t get done.

Our financial advisor called recently while I was out to ask if we were ready to make the contribution to our annuity that we had talked to him about. When Terry told me about this I said that I hadn’t yet taken the time to look at our investment choices. I started to say that I hadn’t had the time to look at our choices, but I corrected myself before I spoke.

I’m working at being conscious of things like that.

One Comment on “thinking about what I’m saying”

  1. This one is one I try to be mindful of as well. All those years ago, when I was a counselor, I would tell my clients they had to own their stuff. One day, I finally realized I should probably do it, too. Over the years, I’ve found that saying “I didn’t do that yet” has gotten easier, and, as I have been told on several occasions, has gotten me a reputation for honesty that I appreciate having. It also means that when I say “I haven’t had time to do that yet” people know that I mean I haven’t had time to do it. It’s a win-win. But it still takes mindfulness, even after all this time.

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