sunrise, sunset

One doesn’t have to have children to notice the passage of time.

Terry and I got (back) together (having been friends in high school) in March 1991. Her sister’s son, Race, was born the previous September. I remember Race as an infant. I remember him as a youngster at Terry’s parents’ house at Thanksgiving. We had all had finished dinner and were watching Apollo 13. Race came dashing into the room as the capsule was approaching splashdown. He looked at the TV and said in amazement, “They’re gonna land in the water?” He had only known the shuttle. This month Race finished his junior year at Annapolis. We expect to see him graduate Memorial Day weekend next year.

When my nephew Eric, my sister-in-law’s son (and my brother’s adopted son), got married, his wife’s daughter from a previous relationship was quite young. At the reception when they had the money dance, she thought that was a great idea and started running around to the guest tables with her purse open. My sister-in-law quickly scurried over to advise her that this was not proper behavior. That marriage long ago disintegrated, but the daughter has stayed with Eric. She graduates high school this month.

Hard to believe.

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