Farmers Market

We’ve been going to the Gilroy Farmers’ Market for the past couple of years. For the past two years it was on Sunday, so it worked out nicely to come home from church, get changed, and head over there. I enjoyed getting a Silva sausage for lunch, which, even if high in cholesterol and not terribly healthy, was awfully tasty.

GilroyFramersMarketThis year the Farmers’ Market has had something of a makeover. It’s under new management, in a new location, and is now on Saturday. That works out well because we can drop by there as we head out on our Saturday shopping errands. The energy level seems higher, and there’s perhaps a slight change in the mix of vendors. No Silva this year, but then we’ve just had breakfast when we get there anyway.

This past Saturday we got some marvelous fresh strawberries, sweet peaches, an unusual variety of red spinach (yes, red), and some tasty Italian Caponata hummus.

It’s a nice addition to our Saturday routine.

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