cooking with broth

When the dish I am cooking calls for broth, I have always (always!) used bullion cubes or powder. Doing so, though, is something of a pain. It was always brothhard for me to get the bullion or powder to thoroughly dissolve in the water. That got a lot easier when I got my immersion blender, but it was still extra work, and I’m still getting the blender stick and a cup dirty.

Watching Rachael Ray I’ve noticed that she normally uses pre-made broth in a carton. I’ve tried it recently, and I find it much simpler and easier. I haven’t compared the cost, but I assume the carton version is more expensive. I’ve found, though, that what comes in the carton is strong enough that I can safely use half broth and half water. The dish has always come out fine that way.

It may cost a little more, but it simplifies meal preparation where I normally have plenty of other work to do. And anyway, Rachael Ray says it’s OK, so it must be, right?

2 Comments on “cooking with broth”

  1. Lithus actually makes his own stock. Yes, even veggie. I joke that I had no idea stock came in any other form than cubed powder, or cardboard containered. I joke…kind of.

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