supporting the new folks

There is a small building on First Street here in Gilroy that has housed a number of different eateries in the sixteen years we’ve been here. It’s been Mexican in a number of different iterations and it has been Filipino. Most famously for Terry and me, and most missed, it was for a short while El Rincon, which served marvelous, though not inexpensive, gourmet Mexican food. Most recently it was Mexican food catering to a Spanish-speaking clientele. That closed not too lond ago, and signs went up saying it would be a burger place.

We noticed it was open the other day, so Terry and I had lunch there on Friday. The signage has a red and white checkerboard motif, suspiciously reminiscent of Five Guys, though their menu in nothing like that of that chain. It’s run by a man and woman, whom I took to be husband and wife. The woman took care of the cash register and the man was in the back cooking. As far as we know, they just opened their doors with no real crinklefriesadvertising, but there was a line when we got there and people kept coming in while we were there.

They did manage to mess up Terry’s order. She ordered the chicken fried steak burger with no veggies, and it arrived with all of the produce. But they quickly corrected that error, and Terry loved the seasoning in the breading. I had an Ortega burger that was excellent, and we both loved the crinkle fries, which neither of us had seen for a while.

We’ll be back. Which is not to say that we’re going to abandon Cafe 152 Burger Co. It has a different taste and ambience, and we love how the owner wanders the floor and chats with customers to make sure everything is OK. We also appreciate the fact that he creates jobs and gives disadvantaged young people the opportunity to learn skills in the working world.

It’s good to have the variety.

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