making changes

I’ve been thinking  about this for a while, and last week I decided to make the change.

I’ve been seeing the same doctor at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Los Altos clinic since about 1999. He was new then, and has matured along the way. Still, some qualities have remained unchanged. He does not have the most cordial exam room manner, but when it comes to stethescopeusing diet and exercise to manage cholesterol and blood pressure, there is no mistaking his viewpoint. That’s been good for me, and I have made lifestyle changes because of that. Still, he can be annoying when he brags about his own diet and exercise routine. While my company had its Silicon Valley campus that was fine, and it was easy to get over there from my office. But with that campus closed and my working from home in Gilroy exclusively, getting from home to the Los Altos campus becomes something of a major expedition. And we’re talking two trips — one for the blood work and one for the physical.

So last week I called up the clinic that was the easiest drive from home and set up a new primary care physician, who I will see for my physical the last week of August. I appreciate the discipline that my previous doctor helped to instill in me, but I won’t miss his telling me about what a pure and healthy life he lives.

2 Comments on “making changes”

  1. Interestingly enough, I recently (okay, about a year ago, but that’s recent for me) decided to make a change around my doctor as well. For me, it was choosing to have a primary care physician instead of just dealing with urgent care. It was a commitment to making New Orleans *home* as opposed to just somewhere I lived, which is what every place has been since leaving Massachusetts.

  2. […] month I wrote about having made the decision to switch doctors so I was seeing a physician at a clinic in my medical group that was closer and easier to get to. […]

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