my blogging community

Most of you know that in addition writing this blog, I am a big reader of blogs.

While I know many, though by no means all, of my Facebook friends in person, I have met very few of the authors of the blogs I read. (Of course, there is a high level of cross-pollination between the blogs and Facebook.) I notice what happens in the lives of the those blog authors as I do my Facebook friends. In the blog world, there have been several authors who have faced major or minor life changes, and I have followed their journeys.

  • Mike, who was living in Vancouver, BC, got divorced and moved to China, where he is quite happy.
  • Sappho, who wrote on issues of sexuality and third world poverty, was diagnosed with, and is now recovering from, cancer.
  • Sara, who had sought a career in the Episcopal Church, is now finding her niche teaching high school.
  • Tammy, who wrote of matters Zen, got what she needed from that path, and is now focused on her priorities of home schooling, atheism, and yarn.
  • Lorna, British by birth but long living in Scandinavia with her husband, recently resurfaced saying she thought she had nothing to say, but now realizes she really does. I’m glad she did.

blogrssOf course, there’s other bloggers I read and appreciate whose lives just keep on with their normal routines (waves “hello” to Fran, Boston Pobble, and Tahoe Mom), though the definition of “normal” admittedly varies somewhat among them.

I read, enjoy, and appreciate my blogging community.

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