turning sixty

Social media has certainly changed how we communicate and interact. Certainly Facebook has connected me with former classmates (high school and college), relatives, former work colleagues, fellow (and sister) Episcopalians, as well as others, and allowed a level of interaction that was not possible before.

sixtyOne thing that has been very noticeable through Facebook for me these past several months is the fact that most of my classmates from Hemet High School class of 1971 and Pitzer College 1975 are turning sixty this year. I wrote about that fact in May. As I wrote, it was good in that I had the chance to think about the fact and prepare. (Unlike the folks whose birthday was in January.)

So here I am today and it’s my turn. How do I feel? Good. I have a marvelous marriage to a terrific woman, a loving four-footed child, a great home with a remodeled kitchen and solar power, and a job that is less stressful than it has been at other times. I exercise and eat relatively well. I don’t feel sixty, even though I’m periodically offered the senior discount at restaurants without asking.

Not so bad.

How do I express this musically? I thought about He’s an Old Hippie, but it really doesn’t apply to me. The subject of the song is not up with today’s society and technology, and that is certainly not me. I tipped my hand in June, when I wrote that the song was “Forever in Blue Jeans.” I have not come up with a better choice during the last two months. That says it best.

4 Comments on “turning sixty”

  1. Sorry I missed this. Happy day, my friend.

  2. […] So I guess I’m even older than those “of a certain age” referenced in the review. Well, no matter. I’m happy to be sixty and feel good about it. […]

  3. […] we’re saving $60 a month. And speaking of sixty, it won’t hurt to get this 60 year-old body out in the front yard mowing the lawn and raking leaves. My previous primary care physician […]

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