standing in awe of God

westernreligiousexperienceThe Significance of Religious Experience
Howard Wettstein
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press
List price $65.00 Amazon Price $41.49

I read a review of this book in Books and Culture and it sounds like fascinating reading. But take a look at the price in relation to the page count, and the fact that it is not available in Kindle format. Guess I’ll have to pass.

Here, however, is the reviewer’s summary of the essence of the book. Looks to me like material for considerable further thought and reflection:

The Bible is not a list of God’s qualities we must believe; it is a collection of narratives about God’s roles that helps us to live in awe of God. Liturgies are not a telescope by which our gaze can escape the world and see only heaven. Rather, the prayers and stories of the Bible are the means of standing in awe of God, fostering love for neighbors, and practicing gratitude.

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